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The Global Gospel


A Fresh Approach

While The Pictorial Life of Christ was a remarkable project by itself, the team at GNPI believed it had further potential. In 2010, we began turning Paula Giltner’s vivid illustrations into a visual storybook composed of 107 short video episodes, complete with narration of the gospel texts.

We finished production on the first set of DVDs, narrated in English in 2011, and realized that the format could be easily translated into other languages. This could be a tool for strategic evangelism used by disciple makers all over the world. To make this possible, we’d need help from our global network of missionaries and church partners.

When we talked to them about this project, and our ministry partners were excited to jump on board. Hundreds of people contributed by narrating, recording, mastering, and duplicating the stories in dozens of languages. They also wrote questions for discussion and application for each story and helped distribute The Global Gospel in the nations where they lived.

Getting The Global Gospel translated into other languages was an important step toward making it accessible to a worldwide audience. But there was more. We’re always thinking about strategic evangelism—discovering the most effective means for preaching the gospel in every culture and to every worldview. So, we began brainstorming about creative ways to contextualize The Global Gospel for more people in more places.

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Current Language Needs

Pray for editors as they finish these versions:
- Italian
- Pakistani Urdu
- Portuguese
- Rvwang

Pray for permission from the United Bible Society to use the Amharic version of the scriptures to create a new version of TGG for Africa.

The Timothy Project

Learn how Timothy is leading Buddhists to follow Christ in Southeast Asia