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The Global Gospel

These Bible stories have come to life in over 32 different languages so far, with several others in various stages of the production process. The average length of each of the 107 stories is three minutes; that means, at a minimum, people around the world have seen three million minutes of pure visualized narrative about the life of Jesus Christ.

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Because of your partnership, we are celebrating the news that "The Global Gospel" (TGG) has officially passed one million completions on YouTube!

Today, the programs reach more than eight million people in five African nations.

Mudang changed from a violent terrorist to a caring follower of Jesus Christ.

Timothy P. is a man with a God-sized vision. His prayer is for God to use him to start a movement among the Buddhists of SE Asia.

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2018 Ministry Report

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  • In just over a decade, the Bible App is now installed on more than 360 million unique devices, downloaded in every country on Earth. Our strategic partnership with GNPI fills a void by creating discipleship plans in non-English languages using The Global Gospel. This is only the beginning of what God is going to do to share his word through YouVersion and GNPI.

  • Regarded throughout the world as one of THE best sources for multi-media tools, they've led the way in integrating international partners in their global workforce. 

  • Only eternity will reveal the results of the ministry of GNPI. What a great privilege for us to be a small partner in spreading the name and fame of Jesus Christ.

  • It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse the work and vision of Good News Productions International. In this unique time in history, when the international body of Christ is growing at a rapid rate, GNPI occupies a key strategic position that facilitates evangelism and discipleship world-wide. I am grateful to be connected to such a wonderful ministry as this.

Jessica Penick

YouVersion Content Partnerships Project Manager

Doug Lucas

Founder and President | TEAM Expansion

Dr. Ajai Lall

Founder and Executive Director | Central India Christian Mission

Dr. Chris DeWelt

Director of Intercultural Studies Ozark Christian College