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Check out this new online training platform that teaches content creation, online strategy, and distribution. Nomad Academy is ready to train others to create media, proclaim Good News, and empower Jesus followers to do the same.

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Will you Pray, Share, and Give so that billions can hear the Good News?

Will you pray that God directs the best person for GNPI to fill the Ministry Relations/Development Officer role?

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  • When you think of the 3.2 billion people who haven’t heard the name of Jesus, the task of sharing God’s love with people from every nation can seem overwhelming, even impossible! Fortunately, God never intended for us to complete the task on our own.

    Never in our lifetime has the goal of reaching the over 3 billion unreached seemed so attainable. Why is the goal possible? Media. Through creating culturally relevant media, you share Jesus without borders or boundaries.

    Because of you, millions are hearing about Jesus every day!


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