GNPI has grown to include 13 regional centers and Nomad teams. We’ve produced visual and audio media in more than 100 languages and shared the gospel with millions of people worldwide. With the growth of internet technology and social media, we’re also developing platforms and strategies for engaging with different cultures and worldviews online.

Whatever the method, whatever the strategy, our goal is the same. GNPI exists to preach the good news to every tribe and tongue, in the way that is most meaningful and relevant to each of those people groups.  

The Global Gospel

This short video series presents the gospel through vivid illustrations of the life of Christ. We’ve made this resource available in 31 of the world’s most widely spoken languages, with more to come.


Solar Kits

Over 600 Solar Kits have been distributed in 50 countries around the world, allowing thousands to see a visual presentation of the gospel and to hear this message in their own language.


Mobile Apps

We’re developing mobile apps that allow us to share the good news with Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims across the globe.


Growing Network

We’ve built a network of eight regional centers and multiple Nomad teams stationed around the world, and we’re still finding ways to share the gospel in culturally relevant ways with every people group on earth.

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