The Global Gospel


The Future of The Global Gospel

The impact of The Global Gospel has been monumental, but there’s more potential for growth. Our ultimate goal is to make this series available in every language in the world. But a good starting point is to translate the text and audio into the top 25 languages spoken today. By targeting these language groups, we can reach an audience of 3.6 billion people . . . half the world’s population!

For example, Portuguese is one of the world's most widely spoken languages, and it’s spoken by approximately 229 million people in nine countries, as well as in the Chinese territory of Macau. That means translating The Global Gospel into Portuguese - just one language - would make it possible for an additional 229 million people to hear the story of Jesus in their own language.

Another key to future growth is developing mobile apps for distributing The Global Gospel. Even in third world countries where other technology is underdeveloped, smartphones are prolific. Through mobile apps, we can put The Global Gospel into the hands of smartphone users worldwide and connect them to our ministry partners.


The Global Gospel: Somalia

Please help us! GNPI received an urgent request to produce this tool for outreach to 14 million people in Somalia and an additional one million Somalis who have fled their homeland. We’ve been asked to create it multiple times in the last few years by multiple ministries. GNPI is partnering with another missions organization, three churches, and two Christian workers who can’t be named due to security concerns, to complete this project in the Somali language.

Regional Director Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya will oversee the project. He and his team estimate a completion in December 2019. They plan to distribute these resources through thumb drives and by providing online access to the TGG episodes. The cost to produce each new language is approximately $7,000.

The Global Gospel (TGG) has been completed in 36 languages so far, with several others in various stages of the production process. It recently reached a milestone on YouTube of one million completed views. The average length of each of the 107 stories is three minutes; that means, at a minimum, people around the world have seen three million minutes of pure, visualized narrative about the life of Jesus Christ. The Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Norwegian versions of TGG have been used in another GNPI production called Jesus Story, which is a 13-part television series for families in the Middle East and North Africa region. An estimated five million children have watched Jesus Story via local satellite broadcast. It was so successful that it is being rebroadcast with an intentional social media follow-up strategy. 

The Timothy Project

Learn how Timothy is leading Buddhists to follow Christ in Southeast Asia