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Through our network of global partners, we’re working with Christians who understand the cultures and worldviews where they live. And there’s a part for you to play, too. Learn more about our partners around the world and get updates on our current projects here, and consider supporting these initiatives by making a donation. 

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Planned Giving

GNPI and the donors who partner with us are making an impact for Christ around the world. Through planned estate giving, many of our partners are creating a legacy that will reach not only beyond the borders of the nations where they live, but also beyond their lifetimes.

Non-profit organizations like GNPI are exempt from income and estate taxes and can receive 100% of the legacy you leave for them. This enables donors to minimize the tax burden of their estates while supporting causes that are meaningful to them. A wide variety of options exist for charitable giving through estate planning, ranging from annuities to trusts to retirement accounts. 

GNPI has a close relationship with the CDF Capital Foundation, and our friends there can help you plan a legacy of charitable giving that lines up with your Christian values and retirement goals. If you would like to learn how to provide for your family, benefit organizations like GNPI, and maximize tax benefits, let us know today by sending an email to