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The Americas

The Americas

STRATEGIC EVANGELISM is our way of intentionally sharing the gospel. Through a growing network of international teams, using all forms of media, GNPI desires to reach the hearts of people and multiply disciples across the globe.

100 Lights

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Project Nomad

NOMAD TEAMS At times, we can all feel overwhelmed by the darkness, but Jesus calls us to be a light in the world. By...

The Global Gospel

750 million people around the world cannot read or write.

1.5 billion people do not have access to the full Bible.


Existential Questions

Existential questions—we all have them. Does God exist? If so, what are his essence and nature? Why am I here? What is...


The list of 2020 challenges seems endless—pandemic, locusts, flooding, wildfires, and storms.

At GNPI, we create media to share Jesus. ...


You want to grow deeper in your faith.

You want to help your friends grow deeper in their faith.


Clay Goes to VBS!


Hosting a virtual VBS this year? Check out our Virtual VBS option featuring both Clay and Alan,...

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