REDUX grew from a seed of an idea, based on a principle we have built our mission: to spread the Good News of Jesus to every tribe and tongue. We have worked in missions for over 40 years, and we finally asked the questions, "What about our tribe? What about our people?" 

What is a way we, GNPI, can reach the people that we see every day? 

REDUX brings the strategic evangelism effort home. It helps connect us to our family, friends, and acquaintances. You create a relationship within the platform and track the goings-on of those interactions. 

The REDUX app allows you to create notes, prayer requests, and tasks for yourself to remind you. Keep track of how your relationship progresses using the fruits of the Spirit and focus areas that are important to your friend. You can highlight your friend's qualities by utilizing the fruits of the Spirit. 

We need this app to help us forget less. REDUX will fill a gap in discipleship that we all fail from time to time. 

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What we need

We need generous donors like you to bring this project to full fruition as we continue the development of the cloud application and begin the development of the iOS and Android apps. 

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The earliest versions of this app are coming to you 2020. 

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