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GNPI creates relevant media to proclaim the Good News and empower Jesus followers to do the same. We do this through a network of international teams, who use all forms of media to reach the hearts of their people and multiply disciples across the globe. That's strategic evangelism.

Amazing Stories

Noah, Goliath, and Zacchaeus—these favorite Bible stories have shaped our lives from a young age. Many children...


With over three billion people still waiting to hear the Good News, GNPI realized that it was necessary to train local people...

100 Lights

No one should have to know another language to learn about Jesus. 


Make disciples—that’s your mission....

Jesus Story

Does it break your heart to think of the millions of children who never get to hear the Good News? Jesus Story was created...

Solar Kits

Everyone deserves a chance to learn about Jesus. Some places are simply hard to reach. Some villages have little or no electricity, and some...

The Timothy Project

Timothy, born in a remote village in southeast Asia, always had a desire to share the good news of Jesus. However, where he lives,...

The Global Gospel

750 million people around the world cannot read or write.

1.5 billion people do not have access to the full Bible.


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