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Amazing Stories

Noah, Goliath, and Zacchaeus—these favorite Bible stories have shaped our lives from a young age. The children of Islam know a version of these tales, but they don't know the God behind them or how they all point to Jesus.

"Amazing Stories" features 20 animated videos from the Old and New Testament and is produced by a team of animators in a Muslim majority nation. These episodes are available to millions in a major Southeast Asian language. With your help, GNPI will create more versions in other languages for years to come.

Your support of "Amazing Stories" shares Jesus with children worldwide. More than that, you will also fuel a strategy that uses social media to both distribute the series and allow families to respond through private messages, calls, and even face-to-face meetings. By creating a new path to Christ for these seekers, you can become a part of God's unfolding, amazing story that continues today.

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