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Are you 31 years old? Here's a little secret. One billion seconds equals 31 years—you’re over a billion seconds old! That’s a huge number!

Consider more huge numbers. This year the population reached eight billion living on this big blue ball. 

In fact, Hindus, Muslims, Chinese, and Indian population groups have all reached over one billion today. That’s a lot of people, and that’s only half of the world’s population!

Why do these numbers matter? Well, Jesus said, “Church, go into ALL.THE.WORLD and tell them about me.”

Now to be fair, about two billion are following Jesus, but what about the six billion? Can you clearly hear Jesus saying, go tell them I love them and died for each and every one of them?  How do we obey this mandate from Jesus?

Jesus gave us a big command, but he also gave us two huge tools to accomplish this task–prayer and media! Mission15 harnesses both.

Mission15 harnesses the power of media to help you successfully pray for things that matter most to King Jesus through 15-minute video prayer guides  with a focus on the unreached. These prayers are the foundation of Mission15.

You can join Mission15, this global movement, in three easy ways:

Pray15 - you can use the video prayer guide, your Bible, or even a list on your fridge to pray for those who have not heard about Jesus. Do it 15 minutes daily, weekly, or monthly—just pray. 

Give15 - give $15.00 one time, weekly, or monthly, so that media can be harnessed to share one billion gospel invitations all around the world.

Share15 - now invite 15 people to join you. They can download the video prayer guide, pray 15 minutes of focused prayer for the unreached, give $15, and forward the message to 15 more friends.

Simple, right?

Our dream is that Mission15 will help people pray, give, and then invite others around the world to join this movement and collectively deliver one billion “pre-prayed invitations” to those who need the gospel by the end of 2030. 

These billion-plus people are found in religions we may not understand. They might live thousands of miles away in countries we can’t visit! But a billion can be invited to know Jesus with prayer, technology, and dollars.

One billion seconds is a long time. One billion invitations are a lot of invitations too, BUT we can do this together. Don't you think it's time for all of us to make a difference?

Will you join Mission15?

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