Creating Media. Sharing Jesus.


Our Goal: Creating Media. Sharing Jesus.

Create Relevant Media

Sharing your faith can be intimidating, especially with someone of a different language or culture. Don't let this challenge keep you from reaching the over three billion people who still haven't heard about Jesus.

Join GNPI and our growing network of international media teams. By partnering with these teams who understand how to reach their cultures, you can help create culturally relevant media to make Jesus known in places you may never visit or in languages you’ll never speak.

GNPI teams use the most effective forms of media for their regions, whether it is radio programs about peace in refugee camps or animated stories designed for Muslim families. We are passionate about training and equipping local believers to create relevant media to share the Good News with others.

Proclaim Good News

Have you ever felt misunderstood or caused a misunderstanding? Any message can be hampered by a cultural blunder. While serving as a missionary in Africa, GNPI founder Ziden Nutt showed an evangelistic film in which a man politely let a woman enter a doorway first, but the African audience balked, saying, "He should have gone in first to protect her!" The gospel message was lost because of cultural barriers.

At GNPI, we understand language and context can be the difference between understanding the truth of Jesus and complete confusion. That's why everything we do, whether media, training, or outreach, are all tailored for a specific context and culture to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Empower Jesus Followers

The heart of GNPI is not only sharing the Good News of Jesus but empowering others to do the same. Hear what just a few of our friends have to say:

Aung Shine Shine - empowered to make disciples  |  David - empowered to make media  |  Andrew Jit - empowered churches  |  Your story


As Jesus followers, our story is a part of God's story. Telling it makes a difference. Connect your story with GNPI's to make an impact worldwide.