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Regional Centers


GNPI-Eurasia shares the gospel message through apologetic resources. The team currently uses these resources to reach out to refugees, displaced people, and soldiers on the front lines as the war rages in Ukraine. The team focuses on the message of hope as they include direct evangelism in all their resources.

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GNPI-India produces weekly online church services with an average viewership of over 500,000 as well as programs for national broadcast and dramatic series on social media. These coworkers face increasing scrutiny and persecution, but they persevere to share the gospel in this Hindu nation.

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Kenya - Nairobi

GNPI-Kenya shares gospel messages of peace, reconciliation, and hope through radio and TV broadcasts, text message services, face-to-face meetings, and social media. The team also disciples and mentors young people through media outreach gatherings in local communities and schools.

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Mexico - Piedras Negras

GNPI-Mexico shares God’s word through music, Bible teaching, and short films on cultural issues. They distribute these resources through various means, including Internet radio, social media, and church networks.

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Philippines - Manila

GNPI-Philippines has created several virtual communities on Facebook where people are refreshed by daily devotional lessons. As the impact has grown, pastors, church leaders, and even business owners are using these short videos to encourage congregations, small groups, and employees.

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SE Asia

GNPI-SE Asia produces video testimonies and creates tools to help Buddhists see that Jesus is the one true God. Every week, the team offers discipleship training or Nomad production training throughout their region, resulting in new believers of all ages.

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Thailand - Chiang Mai

GNPI-Thailand strategically produces programs to reach the hearts of Thai Buddhists. Their projects range from music videos, short films, and sitcoms to projects highlighting Christian ministries and individuals changed by Christ. The team also travels around the country to train others in using media to share the gospel.

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Uganda - Mbale

GNPI-Uganda creates music videos, produces teaching series, and organizes a Solar Kit exchange program for Christian leaders. They train leaders to use the Solar Kits and collect feedback about outreach efforts. The team enjoys ongoing partnerships with organizations to offer content for churches.

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USA - Joplin, MO

The team in Joplin focuses on telling the GNPI story as we build media teams around the globe that create culturally relevant gospel content. This office develops vision, raises and distributes resources, and leads GNPI’s worldwide outreach.

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Nomad Teams


India - Meghalaya

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India - Tamil Nadu

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Kenya - Eldoret

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MENA - Middle East North Africa

Mexico - Chicoloapan


Mexico - Pachuca

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South Africa - Johannesburg

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GNPI has teams in other locations not listed due to security concerns.

GNPI has other locations not shown on the map due to security concerns.

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