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Regional Centers


GNPI-Eurasia taught 500 people from former Soviet Union countries, Portugal, and Israel. All of their seminars are converted into media format and distributed online. The team produces many types of resources and uses a variety of online networks for engagement. Their main website had visitors from 78 countries this year, including from restricted areas.

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Kenya - Nairobi

GNPI-Kenya dedicated 75 percent of their time and resources to create evangelistic content and outreach and 25 percent to community-based programs. In total, they’ve reached 250,000 with gospel messages of peace, reconciliation, and hope, through radio and TV broadcasts, text message services, face-to-face meetings, and social media.

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MENA - Middle East North Africa

Our coworkers in the MENA region are working on an exciting project for Arabic-speaking fathers. Next comes a two-month testing phase to optimize the online approach before fully rolling out the project with an Arabic name that translates to Safe Home. The first series is specifically for fathers, but the content overall will be for parents and spouses on a variety of family topics. One goal is to provide 900 families with online counseling.

Mexico - Piedras Negras

GNPI-Mexico began addressing a mental health epidemic by creating Feliz, a short film about a man who overcame suicidal thoughts. Over 22,000 people have seen Feliz through live screenings and various online platforms. This team has a significant following through their live radio programs and their release of The Global Gospel in Mexican Sign Language.

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Philippines - Manila

GNPI-Philippines has created a virtual community on Facebook, where people are refreshed and recharged by their devotional lessons. Their newest series, Asa Ka Pa (Hope Matters, too!), launched in 2018. So far, they’ve completed over 600 episodes and have 32,782 followers. Most of their videos have thousands of online reactions. The team has grouped the lessons into categories, and now pastors and church leaders are using the episodes in their small groups.

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SE Asia

GNPI-SE Asia completed the final four of their month-long discipleship training events. Trainees went on to hold 192 seminars in other parts of the region. These evangelists have shared with a total of 5,411 people and have baptized 400 since the training started in November 2017. The team is now equipping these Christian leaders to use media. This team has completed over 100 audio and video projects in 29 tribal languages on a variety of multimedia platforms. They began producing monthly video projects and creating some fundamental tools.

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Thailand - Chiang Mai

GNPI-Thailand strategically produces programs to reach the hearts of Thai Buddhist people around the world. Their projects highlight Christian ministries and individuals whose lives were changed by Christ and are now impacting their communities for the kingdom. For example, one project focuses on the life of Kuhn Pat, who developed a prison ministry. He uses the team’s programs to influence the lives of over 2,000 inmates annually across Thailand. Over 1,000 inmates have chosen to follow Jesus and be baptized since Kuhn Pat began sharing these videos.

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Uganda - Mbale

GNPI-Uganda enjoys a continued partnership with Scripture Union, an organization that ministers to children and teens throughout Uganda. They also have worked with four local churches in producing biblical content to use online. Another highlight is the completion of two languages in the OneTribe Peace Project radio series.

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USA - Joplin, MO

Our team in Joplin focuses on raising awareness about the work we're doing worldwide and strengthening connections with our partners. From this office, we develop vision, distribute resources, and support Kingdom workers around the globe. The team has created a couple of new series this year designed to offer encouragement to our supporters: Faith>Fear and Up Close.

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Nomad Teams

India - Tamil Nadu

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India - Meghalaya (5 teams)

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India - West Bengal

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Kenya - Eldoret

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Mexico - Chicoloapan


Mexico - Pachuca

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South Africa - Johannesburg

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GNPI has teams in other locations not listed due to security concerns.

GNPI has other locations not shown on the map due to security concerns.

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