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Wow, look who made it to 1,000!

Jul 20, 2022

It’s also 1,000 experiences of God's goodness . . . and it amazes me!

Thank you for your prayers and gifts to create media and share Jesus. Because of you, GNPI-Philippines completed 1,000 episodes of their devotional series, Asa Ka Pa (Hope Matters, too!) 

The series host Pastor Jebo reflects on their journey of faith. 

We praise the Lord because 1,000 episodes are not just 1,000 tapings, but it's 1,000 experiences of God's goodness, sustenance, and provision. This amazes me! 

We had so many challenges at the beginning of the series. I had several surgeries. We reached this milestone because God sustained us with his goodness and fresh experiences of what he can do. 

I underwent gall bladder and brain surgery. Our team experienced big losses in the pandemic, including the loss of Regional Director Nenette Pacoli’s husband due to COVID. 

Yet, we never missed an episode. God opened this ministry of proclaiming the same gospel message with a fresh approach, and he sustained it.

We appreciate everyone who is helping this ministry. I know it's a big step to give support, especially to those they have not met personally. 

I know that you're giving because God has led you. Let me tell you that what you're doing matters. 

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