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“Without you, we in Ukraine could not endure!”

Apr 13, 2022

Thank you!

Thanks to all who have called, prayed, and given to our teams in Ukraine. To our knowledge, they are all safe. Your gifts allow our regional director and his wife to lead the teams throughout the region. They are in Europe working to encourage their team members and distributing your kind and generous relief gifts. These gifts are being used to provide food, water, protective flak jackets, and transportation as people gather for safety or flee for sanctuary. You've given over $35,000! Thank you!

The photos and texts continue to come in, showing shattered homes and billowing smoke, as our coworkers minister to family, neighbors, and friends in nearby clinics and hospitals. Despite the devastation, many are seeing God in the middle of their trials and tribulation. They are seeing the power of prayer and community like never before. The number of people seeking their online resources has doubled. One GNPI teammate said, “Please tell everyone you can in America that without all of you, we in Ukraine could not endure.”

1. Pray for peace in Ukraine.

2. Pray for the church in Russia and Ukraine.

3. Pray that the relief will be substantial in meeting needs.

4. Pray that people will seek Jesus and realize their need for him in this time of war.

5. Pray for peace for believers in Ukraine.

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