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“When God’s grace finds you . . .”

Nov 06, 2023

“I’m a living testimony.”

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Dennis Okoth, our friend and board member for GNPI-Uganda, shares how Jesus changed his life.

When God's grace finds you . . . it disarms you. And that's what happened to me.

He found me when I was wretched. He picked me out of the dustbin of life, cleaned me, gave me a hope, gave me a vision, and brought me back to the purpose of my life.

I found joy—total joy and freedom.

People who find true joy are those who take the Word of God seriously and use it as a guide for their lives.

They desire to share it with others, and that's what GNPI is doing.

When this film was being shot, at the end of the day, 52 people in that village gave their lives to Christ. 

Then on the day of the launch in that same village, six more people were baptized, including the actor who portrayed young Dennis in the film.

I feel very much humbled. I feel very much honored.

I know that God will use this film to let people know that no force of evil can ever overcome God and the goodness that he has for his children.

I'm a living testimony to God's ability to stand up and walk with us through pain.

Thank you to GNPI and CIY and those who made this film possible.

Where the River Divides tells the true story of Dennis Okoth, the son of a clan leader in Kenya, who returned to his village following his baptism. Dennis faced the difficult choice of whether to inherit his father's legacy or risk his life to follow Christ.

Click here if you would like to find out how your small group or church could see this inspiring 30-minute film.

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