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We Are GNPI: Meet Riley

Jun 11, 2021

Enjoy the next edition of the We Are GNPI: Meet Our Board series.

Riley Weaver

Global and Local Impact Minister at Plainfield Christian Church in Plainfield, IN.

He also serves on the board for GNPI.

What do you love about GNPI, and what excites you about the future? 

I love that GNPI has a presence in so many countries around the world. When you pray for GNPI or give to the ministry, you are impacting people from multiple countries, people groups, and languages. A partnership with GNPI is a great investment in God’s kingdom.

I am super excited about GNPI’s new Nomad Academy, which is starting through the 100 Lights capital campaign. People around the world have been stuck at home because of COVID-19, so media ministry is more important than ever. Churches and ministries are trying to figure out how to do this. This puts GNPI in a great position to partner with others, expanding the impact around the world. I think some of our church’s partners could really benefit from this.

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