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We Are GNPI: Meet Angela

Dec 21, 2020

We are GNPI: 110 talented staff located around the world, seven dedicated board members, and you—one of the thousands of faithful prayer and financial partners. It’s only when we all work together, with God as our head, that we can effectively create media and share Jesus. So let’s take some time and get to know each other a little better. 

Let’s meet Angela Morse, Nomad trainer and media producer with GNPI-Thailand

What is your favorite book of the Bible?

My favorite book changes depending on how God is speaking into my life at the time. Right now, my favorite book of the Bible is Ephesians, especially in the Passion Translation. Ephesians feels like a love letter from God directly to us Gentiles. I love how our identity in Christ is described. We were chosen, made holy, ordained, adopted, claimed, stamped and sealed by God. Through Christ, we have obtained an indescribable inheritance and been shown the mysteries of his will. He has poured out every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm upon us. The immeasurable grace of God has been lavished on us, and if you read it carefully, this is just the first installment of God’s generous love!

Ephesians is also full of exhortation, as well as reminders to be one together in Christ, that we may walk out our faith as children of the light. We are to be strong in the Lord and the strength of his might—we must put on the whole armor of God while praying at all times in the Spirit. Ephesians is a book of the Bible I cannot read enough times as a reminder of what it means to be redeemed, chosen, forgiven, and to extend that same love and faith to every other brother and sister in Christ, and to all who will call upon the name of Jesus.

What is your favorite food?

I often feel like this question is like being asked who your favorite child or parent is. I have several favorite foods in every country of the world. Here in Thailand, it is a yellow spicy potato and chicken curry dish. It’s usually served over rice and complemented with a yummy green veggie dish.

What is something surprising about you? 

I am not sure if this is surprising or not, at least to the people who know me, but I was born and raised in Thailand. My father was born and raised in Burma, and his father was three months old when his parents first took him to the China/Tibet area. While most people look at me and think I am a foreigner in Thailand, I feel most at home in Asia since my family has lived in Asia as missionaries for four generations.

What do you love about GNPI, and what excites you about the future?

I love GNPI because they always strive to be innovative and think ahead of their time to reach people for the kingdom of God. Media is a gateway to reach people all over the world in any language, and COVID-19 has only solidified this fact more clearly. I am most excited about the Nomad program. I love being part of empowering the local people to learn how to create media in their own language and share the gospel in so many ways. I love working with GNPI because I know they will continue to adapt to the needs of this modern world, while maintaining the goal of reaching people for the kingdom of heaven and creating disciples wherever they go.

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