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“The Solar Kit gives me a foot in the door.”

Oct 07, 2021

Peggy Cable is a Christian worker with a burden to share the gospel with broken and hurting people. She goes into prisons, drug camps, and villages in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. Peggy uses a GNPI Solar Kit to share the Jesus Film and other Christian media wherever she goes. “It’s my foot in the door.” She’s worked in Africa for 10 years and says, “I tell people about Jesus, but more than that, I want to show people who Jesus is. With COVID lockdown, prisons are not accepting visitors, but the Jesus Film gets me in prisons that are locked down. They let me in, and that’s a miracle.”

The Solar Kit allows Peggy to move easily from place to place with a very portable projector, speakers, battery, and cables in her backpack. “I go where most refuse to go, due to the threat of danger. But God provided this equipment, and I go absolutely anywhere using it to tell people about Jesus.”

She has endured a severe beating in her home and several robberies, but she keeps sharing the hope of Christ with those around her. Peggy says these tools draw a big crowd.

“I always have local pastors there for follow-up when I show the Jesus Film. People come and pray. We strongly encourage discipleship. We don’t stop with the Jesus Film. I also work to stay in contact with people through email and WhatsApp.”

Because of your generosity, GNPI has provided over 850 solar-powered media kits to workers like Peggy in 50 different nations. Peggy is grateful for the Solar Kit and Christian media she takes with her. She says, “People come, and people accept Christ. I can’t do without it at all.”

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