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Sep 28, 2023

You are making an impact for Christ in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region! 

God is using your partnership to open doors for GNPI to create media and share Jesus in Muslim areas.

Overview of Projects in Arabic


1. Al Dar Aman (Safe Home) Family Platform creates multiple productions using relevant topics to promote Christian values for Arabic families.

Through these and any future projects, you are helping share that Jesus is the sole source of restoration for damaged Arabic families and society. 

2. Our new partner Kais from Jordan produces a podcast to address a pressing need in reaching Arabic-speaking millennials.

Listeners can explore and deepen their faith through topics like philosophy, apologetics, and theology.

They also have the opportunity to respond to content by talking with counselors online and in person about a clear path toward knowing their Creator.

3. Amazing Stories in Arabic and Farsi are ready for release on the website. The Turkish version lacks only a few text elements.

These children’s Bible stories will be available for broadcast and social media sharing through SAT-7.


4. Nomad Academy, GNPI’s new online training platform, is now available in Arabic.


5. Finally, The Global Gospel series on the life of Jesus is available in 45 languages, including 11 languages spoken in Muslim areas.


Check out the latest production pictures from Lebanon for Our Homes series. It’s part of the Al Dar Aman (Safe Home) Family Platform and is geared toward fathers.

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