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“Nothing in the world can compare to this!”

Jul 06, 2022

One Body Representing Jesus to People in Need

Thank you for your prayers and gifts to sustain our GNPI-Eurasia team and those they are ministering to during the war in Ukraine. Sergei says they’ve never faced such hard times, but they’ve never seen so many encouraging examples of Christians serving people.

“Before the war, we used to have fights between denominations . . . The congregations have become one body representing Jesus to all these people in need.”

Our regional director Sergei, his wife Olga, and their younger daughter Dasha arrived in London after their escape from Ukraine in March following the February 24th invasion of the Russian military. They took a journey through several European countries until they received visas for England, where their older daughter Zhenya and her husband live and work. Sergei and Olga later made a one-month trip to the USA, since they were scheduled to speak at a conference in California. They spoke at the conference, traveled to visit several partners, and returned to London for now. 

Their team in Ukraine and beyond is well. The technology part of their team just completed a new website that is a tremendous tool during this time of war and has seen visits from five million Ukrainians displaced as refugees and another 15 million as IDPs (internally displaced people) within their own country. Twenty million (or nearly half the country) have left or lost their homes and along with it their Bibles, biblical resources, etc. Many are asking the piercing questions "Where is God?" and "Why is he allowing this to happen?" Accessing resources online and looking up key answers to their heart-wrenching questions is crucial, and Sergei and his team are doing this via technology. Sergei is also planning a Nomad media training in Poland soon. 

Sergei says, “We are extremely thankful to all of you who are part of this with your prayers, with your donations, with your encouragement. This is really valuable. Nothing in the world can compare to this.”

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