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No Better Time for the Church

Aug 17, 2020

Alan Wan, Development Officer

After your weekly church service, you have 10,035 minutes left in your week. Are you ready to make those count for the Kingdom? 

This pandemic has taught us a lot. It reinforced the truth that the church has never been about where we gather but who we worship. It reminded us the church is wherever we are—parks, stores, schools. God never meant for us to be confined within four walls. 

Among Jesus’ first disciples were a few fishermen with little education and a tax collector. God used them to spread his truth. Now it’s our turn. Jesus is entrusting us with a crucial task—to tell the world the most important message.

A successful fisherman knows he can’t just sit on the shore and wait for fish to jump into the net; he needs to get in the boat and cast his net into the lake. There’s no better time for followers of Jesus to be the church outside of the church walls and in their own neighborhoods. Many of us already find ourselves "in the boat on a lake" at our workplaces, within our families, and in our communities. Let’s cast our nets down. Like Jesus’ first disciples, you don’t need a lot of scriptural knowledge or education to be a successful fisher of souls.

Intentional relationship building is the key starting point. That’s why GNPI has made Redux available to help you. 

Redux equips you to build relationships and disciple pre-followers of Jesus with purpose. It reminds you to pray faithfully for the people you’re discipling, provides resources to help you answer difficult questions about life and faith, and assists you in fulfilling the call from Jesus to move seekers to disciples. Redux separates the disciple-making process into smaller, achievable steps that can help you successfully fish where the gospel is desperately needed. The Redux app is now available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Click here to learn how the project began.

Someone is waiting for you to reach out with the gospel message. Chances are, that person is right in your neighborhood, family, or community.

So, what will you do with your 10,035 minutes per week? A hurting world waits for hope. Let Redux help you make every minute count for the kingdom.

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