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My First Trip to Africa

Sep 14, 2021

Nathanael Dunn
Vice President of International Operations

Before leaving, Nathanael took the time to answer a few questions about his trip.

What are the purposes of your trip?

Mike Schrage and I have wanted to make this trip for more than a year. For me, this will be my first visit to Africa and my first opportunity to meet many brothers and sisters that I have only spoken to via Zoom. Meeting each other in person is one of the biggest reasons we are traveling. Beyond this, we look forward to exploring a couple of upcoming film projects and exciting new leadership possibilities among our teams.

What are some things you look forward to most?

I talk with several team leaders on a monthly basis, but have never had the chance to see them beyond Zoom! I most look forward to meeting them in person, but I also eagerly anticipate putting some creative juices to work on some upcoming projects.

What are some challenges you faced in preparation for the trip?

As anyone would expect, COVID has complicated international travel. I have great peace about the trip, but it's hard not to reflect on the list of things that could go wrong. We plan to walk across the border from Kenya to Uganda, so I particularly hope that process goes well as we navigate the COVID regulations of two separate nations.

What are some specific prayer requests while you are traveling?

Please pray that we can move about Kenya and Uganda unimpeded, that we stay healthy on the trip, and that we can encourage our Kenya and Uganda teams through spending some quality time and lending a listening ear. Also, pray that we can successfully scout locations and interview cast and crew members for an upcoming project!

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