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Meet Barbara

Oct 22, 2021

Enjoy the next edition of the We Are GNPI: Meet Our Board series.

Barbara Sachtleben, board secretary

Barbara has attended annual banquets and meetings for nearly 40 years and is serving her second term as a GNPI Board member. She is currently a member of West Side Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois, where she served on the Missions Team for 40+ years. Barbara has participated in overseas mission trips to Poland and Kenya and has visited the GNPI offices in Kenya and India. She taught junior high history at Springfield Christian School for 40 of her 44 years before retiring.

What do you love about GNPI, and what excites you about the future?

I love the way God led and enabled GNPI to adapt to current technology over the years, from producing filmstrips to releasing DVDs to working on apps.

I love the dedication and enthusiasm for seeing the gospel available to all people in all parts of the world.

I love the creativity that produced Solar Kits and Nomad Teams.

I love the Joplin staff and the long-term commitment many of them have made to GNPI.

I love the regional directors/staff and the abilities they bring to the work in their homelands.

I love that the desire for sharing the gospel that exists in ALL the offices leads to the need for more funding and the “100 Lights” campaign. 

I love watching others discover the amazing ministry of GNPI and pledge 76% of the funding of the “100 Lights” campaign. (And, I’ll love that others join and celebrate the day when the full amount is fulfilled!) 

I am grateful to have known GNPI for so many years and to be a small part of the ministry!

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