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Mar 10, 2023

Uncovering Ultimate Peace

Did you know you're part of taking messages of God-centered peace into the war-torn regions of Africa? GNPI teams in Kenya and Uganda worked with our partners at OneTribe to complete recordings of 52 episodes each in the Swahili and Madi languages. Because of you, these radio drama episodes are reaching new listener populations of millions in the refugee camps of Kenya and South Sudan. 

OneTribe peace drama episodes are available in eight languages! Swahili and Madi are the latest releases. Notice what the actors said about the project!

To GNPI, I am grateful and humble down in my heart because I know there are people who want to use every means they have to reach out to our community.

Being part of this, I have come to realize I am not alone. Remember, the message of peace is a message of Christ. When he was going, he said, “My peace I leave with you.” Seeing what GNPI is doing, reaching out to the community is what everyone desires.

This experience meant a lot to me because of my background. I came from a family where we live from barrack to barrack. We never lived in peace. We lived in hostile places. The teaching in this series is now in me, and I’m reflecting on it as I interact with my friends.

Personally, after reading through the episodes, I felt like these people were talking to me. I remember when my uncle was killed in the war in 2016. It was a very hurtful thing. They killed him in a horrible way. I thought I would never forgive these people. But this program has really helped me personally. It started with me, and I’m so grateful.

The project is a very good thing. All around us, there are so many with loved ones who have been killed. They’ve gone through so much trauma. I believe the programs will help because peace is so important.

Thank you for sharing lasting peace with people throughout Africa!

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