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Feb 09, 2022

As you know, the main goal of 100 Lights is to launch Nomad Academy and then to add 100 new Nomad teams (100 Lights) by 2025. It’s a good plan, but God loves to surprise us! Even as Nomad Academy prepares to launch (on track for a second-quarter start date), 100 Lights recently completes funding, and COVID-19 remains a serious deterrent in many areas of the world, God has worked through your prayers and gifts to establish not one but TWO NEW TEAMS! Now that’s some powerful prayer! Catch a glimpse into the world of our newest coworker, Chogtoo, below. 

Do you have time for a short story? It’s about the power of your prayers to send 100 Lights across the finish line. Two weeks ago, $70,000.00 still remained. Many of you prayed with us for this need. Jump forward one week. God set up a whole series of events (as only he can do) to arrange a “chance” meeting with an amazing congregation who committed a $35,000 matching pledge. To date, supporters have given or pledged $18,133.00 toward that matching gift. Amazing! Don’t you love how God directs dramatic endings? It’s fun to watch. So can you help? Every gift and every prayer moves the gospel one step closer to the millions still unreached. Thank you for being a part of this great disciple-making adventure!

Enjoy some photos of another new team near Mexico City!

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