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Jesus Changed Everything!

Feb 09, 2023

The Memories Trailer

Papassara Kaweewong (Jumm) shares her story of how God rescued her from darkness and danger. Knowing that only Jesus can bring permanent change, she wants to make sure others hear the Good News. Jumm worked alongside the GNPI-Thai team, and they released The Memories, a short film based on her real-life testimony.

Have you seen drug addiction destroy the life of a young person with a promising future? As it is in many places, drug addiction is a big problem for youth in Thailand. Yet, those who turn to God for help can find victory in his transforming power.

Because of your support, The Memories is offering hope to Thai-speaking young people and their families. More than 132,000 viewers have already watched the 35-minute program! Several contacted the team to share their own stories.

P.S. A bonus praise: The teen actress portraying Jumm was so touched by the project, she accepted Jesus as her Savior during the filming.

I want more youth to find hope in Jesus!

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