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Introducing the Newest GNPI Advocates

Aug 31, 2022

Meet Dylan Marshall—recent graduate of Boise Bible College

Meet Quintin Whitaker—high school student

On the 2022 CIY trip with Maryland Community Church, I was sitting in my dorm reading the schedule for the day. For some reason, I felt drawn to look further into a class they were teaching from a partner of CIY called GNPI (Good News Productions, International).

I am sure it was the Spirit leading me to it, but I just kept going deeper and deeper into their website. I found so many opportunities where I could serve at GNPI! 

At first, I found a wonderful tab labeled “Be a Prayer Partner.”

When I looked further into it I found out all you need to do is simply fill out your name, email, and phone number, and you will receive a short text on Mondays and an email every month to pray for people, countries, and organizations around the world where God is moving. 

Once I did this, I just felt like it wasn’t enough. I desperately wanted to serve in more ways!

There is a program they have called the “Advocate Program,” where you can be an advocate for the team by helping raise money through fundraisers, engaging in their social media, and signing up for those prayer updates I mentioned! 

I have such a desire to help with this, and I believe God has put it on my heart to reach out to people with the gifts he has given me.

It's exciting to serve God through this organization and to work with the wonderful people in it! I hope you also have the heart to contribute and donate to GNPI.


Over the summer, thousands of students at CIY events heard how GNPI teams are creating media and sharing Jesus with people in different cultures around the world.

 A new generation learned how God could use their skills and generosity to reach out to people across the globe.

I want to learn more about GNPI Advocates!

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