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“I want to thank God for welcoming me . . .”

Jun 07, 2022

Changed Lives

Have you seen God change your mess into a message?

Meet Pastor Niyom and Pong See. Both have seen God turn their lives around.

Several years ago, God worked powerfully to help Pastor Niyom overcome a gambling addiction. GNPI-Thailand captured and shared his amazing testimony on video. God used this testimony to inspire Pong See while deep in her own struggles.

Because of your prayers and gifts, Pong See now walks with Jesus and is allowing him to transform her life as she trusts him with every thing every day.

For only $25 a month, 1,075 people like Pong See will hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! Creating media and sharing Jesus is such a powerful and effective way to offer the hope of Jesus. Billions are waiting. Will you help?

Yes. I want to change lives!

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