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“I thank God for changing my life.”

Nov 09, 2022

A Changed Life Changing Lives

Your gifts made Donney’s transformation possible! After a life marred by alcoholism and the chains of incarceration, Donney knew he needed help as he sat down to watch a GNPI film.

The film mirrored his own life and prompted him to take the next step toward change.

He met Protus who ministered to him through prayer and encouragement against relapse, eventually encouraging Donney to give his life to Christ.

Donney couldn’t keep this life-changing message to himself!

The first person he shared with was Naomi, the woman who had always supplied his alcohol. She believed, sold her business that took so many down a path of destruction, and led many other customers to a new life.

Protus baptized them. Now these friends who once spent their time drinking and stealing spend their time sharing the Good News.

Donney traded the chains of his old life to create a chain reaction of lives changed.

“I was lost in sin, my marriage crumbled, and things were so bad. But now I’m clean and working hard to help my family. I thank God now that I’m baptized, saved, and have renewed my personal relationship with Jesus. I love Jesus because he has saved me.”

This chain reaction can repeat with every new Light until all have heard. Will you give today and keep the chain reaction going?

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