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Hope in a Hospital Room

Mar 22, 2021

Ellen Lirazan-Datangel from GNPI-Philippines experienced hope at her lowest point during the pandemic. 

Ellen and her husband were excited to become parents after praying and waiting for several years. Then, during the final trimester of her pregnancy as the pandemic spread, Ellen became ill. Her lungs were filling up with fluid, and the doctor sent her to the hospital. She was alone and scared in the middle of the pandemic. She feared for herself and her unborn baby. She doubted and questioned God's plan, but she watched him renew her hope. 

A coworker sent Ellen one of the Asa Ka Pa (Hope Matters, too!) devotional videos she helped produce. Ellen almost dismissed the suggested video, but she decided to watch it in the solitude of her hospital room. This time she had the opportunity to pay closer attention than when she was busy with the details of recording. The video reminded Ellen of God's promises and changed her perspective. God used it to give her hope when she felt hopeless. 

She began to pray and trust God's plan for her own health and the health of her baby, as well as the funds for the hospital bill. God miraculously provided for all their needs. Ellen improved and finished her pregnancy. She now has a healthy daughter named Miracle. She continues to watch Asa Ka Pa and thanks God for meeting her with hope in her darkest hour. 

Ellen wants you to know that God will do the same for you.

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