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God is on the move in the Philippines!

Jun 14, 2024

GNPI-Philippines continues to use the All Things New movie to start spiritual discussions with young people even though the movie is nearly 30 years old. The movie theme revolves around several street kids who learn about Jesus, and it still resonates today. Media is not only effective but has longevity too! 

Through Mission15, gospel invitations go out daily throughout the nation via TikTok. Nenette Pacoli, GNPI-Philippines regional director, says, “We pray that God will take the seeds we scatter and make them grow in people's hearts. It's a lot of hearts. We trust He will complete the work He started in us and others!”

Because of your prayers and gifts, God’s grace is moving to change Filipino hearts. So far this year, 187 people made decisions for Christ. Praise God!

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