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From Hate to Hope

Aug 25, 2020

Timothy, Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Our team has recorded several amazing testimonies about people who follow Jesus and shared them on social media this year. The most powerful one in our Buddhist culture is about U Soe, a man who worshiped spirits, fortune tellers, and other things. U Soe said he worshipped God, but this was not the case.

U Soe was practicing to become a shaman. He practiced for 81 days in nine different cemeteries. In the final one, evil spirits did not come to him, and he became angry. When expressing this anger, an evil spirit told him, “I cannot help you. There is no life cycle, only heaven and hell.” 

U Soe said:

My wife was a Christian, but I hated Christians very much. My wife’s friends mentioned that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father (heaven) except through Jesus Christ. In the teachings of Buddhism, it says God will descend to the world through a virgin birth, as a son. While I was thinking of accepting Jesus Christ, my dad passed away. After that, my left ear swelled up. My doctor told me it was cancer. I thought my father died with cancer, and I will also die. I challenged Jesus Christ—if you are the living God, heal my cancer. He healed my cancer, but the swelling remained. So, I asked Jesus to make my ear the normal size again. Then Jesus showed me his hands and side. I did not understand and was ashamed, so I asked my wife and her friends to teach me about Jesus.

I realized Jesus Christ was the real God, and I threw out all my idols. Now I am confident. Even if I died today, I would be with God. If you want to go to heaven, you can call on Jesus Christ and believe in Him.

Because of your support for GNPI-SE Asia, people like U Soe who are searching for answers are finding the truth and learning to make disciples.

The virus cases are increasing, but we praise God for protecting us. We are working on two special projects that will help lead Buddhists to Jesus. Please pray we can continue to share Jesus so that people within our country and the four surrounding countries will come to know the living God. Please pray God will speak to them, not only through our media and teachings but through dreams and visions as well.

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