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Finishing Touches

Nov 17, 2021

Are you working on the finishing touches of the season? As the year winds down, you may reflect on all you have to be thankful for. You may give thanks to God for each of your loved ones. You could also take stock of the assets and resources God has generously given to you, giving thanks for those as well.

This reflection on our many blessings can also lead us to contemplate what kind of legacy we will leave behind someday and ways we can bless those we love.

At GNPI, we certainly thank God for you, for your support, and for your prayers. As you have blessed us, we would like to bless you in helping you prepare your legacy. We know how important it is that your legacy lines up with your Christian values of biblical stewardship. Our friends at CDF Capital Foundation offer this estate planning guide, which can help ensure your blessings go to your loved ones and to organizations you care about, like GNPI.

While this guide is very helpful on its own, it can also be the first step of a two-step service we could provide to you without cost or obligation. If you would like to have a brief conversation to learn more about this service, call our office at 417-782-0060, and we will connect you with our planning partners. An initial conversation will help you better understand the service and give you information to decide what help you might desire.

Finally, thank you for being a friend and partner in the work of strategic evangelism.

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