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Even the backstory is amazing!

Feb 15, 2021

After nearly five years from the first conversation to the completion of these animated videos, it thrills us to announce the arrival of Amazing Stories! We faced many roadblocks, but God made a way for us to keep going. Our next goal is to produce an English template to share with others who want to complete these 20 stories in other languages.

Thank you to the 248 donors who gave towards this project. The results include the development of two websites, the creation of an app, the implementation of a digital strategy, and 20 fully animated videos. All of this is available in a widely spoken language for the largest Muslim populated country in the world. We see great potential for multiple other languages, additional digital strategies, and the possibility of an accompanying printed book in English.

The project presents Bible stories from the perspective of those who were present when they took place. For example, the story of Jesus raising Jairus’s daughter from the dead is told from the viewpoint of the resurrected girl who is speaking as an adult to her own children, encouraging listeners to imagine how this miracle affected Jairus’s whole family and their future.

Please rejoice with us and pray for God to use Amazing Stories to multiply disciples around the world. 

Click here to learn how Amazing Stories began.

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