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Despite the war, Sergei keeps a sense of humor and purpose!

Sep 22, 2023

Do you want to hear a popular Ukrainian joke? Here it is: I finally got eight hours of sleep. It took three days.

Well, we do spend some of the nighttime at the food storage room serving us as a shelter.

As for us, we continue the kingdom work, and it is amazing to see how powerfully God works through our feeble efforts. May His name be praised!

Apologetics for the Next Generation

Some military men, who still contemplate accepting Jesus, ask us to send our materials to their children! 

These soldiers want their kids to know Jesus! Isn't this special? With great joy, we fulfill their requests. 

However, many children in the occupied territories and war zones, as well as refugees and IDPs, are not able to manage hard-copy books. 

That is why our GNPI-Eurasia team launched a new project, "Student Memos," for evangelism through education. 

We created two web pages (in Russian and in Ukrainian) and two Telegram channels where we post catchy facts a few times a week that complement the public school curricula yet deliver the Biblical message.

We also share each publication on all social media platforms popular in former Soviet Union countries. 

To keep this project going, we’ve employed two new teammates who previously served as volunteers and were responsible for our web platform development and security. 

We highly appreciate your prayers! We feel their power all the time!

Regional Director GNPI-Eurasia


Sergei and his wife Olga in the shelter


Sergei with teammates


Church tech team


Sergei’s team equips school teachers

Please pray with us for more children to come to know God's truth through the resources on the new web pages and social media channels!

Thank you!

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