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May 01, 2023

Faith Matters

You may remember how fruitful the original Faith Matters, too was throughout the Philippines.


That’s why GNPI is excited to share the new 2.0 version with you.


Through your investment, this 2.0 series will allow GNPI-Philippines to target audiences with relevant topics, shorter formats, and expanded social media outlets reaping an ever-greater harvest.


You have uncles, neighbors, classmates, and colleagues who need Jesus. 


Will you help them hear? What can you do? 


You can give a gift of $10, $100, or $1,000 so that Filipinos will hear faith matters.


Join and help till the soil for the seed of media to fall on fertile hearts.

You are the reason so many are growing in their faith or learning about Jesus for the first time. Thank you!


Meet Angelo

He’s heard about God most of his life and even attended church on Christmas and Easter—well, some years. 


But it never affected his life; he still got drunk on Saturdays and still stretched the truth when it kept him out of trouble. 


One day scrolling through Facebook, he stumbled upon Faith Matters, too 2.0


The video talked about grief which caused him to pause—his wife passed away two months ago. 


The next day he saw the same pastor on his phone. The pastor was there again the next day and the next. 


Angelo wanted to know more about this God, who cared about his grief, who loved him, and who wanted a relationship with him. 


In every video, the pastor invited Angelo to click and find out more. 


Eventually,  Angelo clicked and understood Jesus in a brand new way. 


He then connected with a community where he could grow daily in his faith. 

This is the strategy of Faith Matters, too 2.0. Over 110 million Filipinos around the world, many like Angelo, are waiting to hear that God is real, relevant, and relational.

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