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A Legacy of Leadership

Jan 05, 2021

Mike Schrage, GNPI President

In December 1977, I drove my 1969 Mustang, with all my possessions, to the farm of Everett Forkner. What an incredible lifelong impact that one decision has made for me and countless others! As an employee on this farm, I learned to put my faith in motion by watching Everett and his wife, Ruby.

A few years later, I married his niece, Karolyn. We served in Kenya for 20 years, and Rinehart Christian Church, where Everett was an elder, became our main supporting congregation. I joined Good News Productions, International 27 years ago and have had the privilege to lead the organization for 10 years now as president. It's been an honor to work alongside Everett as a founding board member of GNPI. He's provided godly direction and insight throughout his 45-year tenure.

Everett shared his reflections and vision: 

It was exciting to catch a part of our founder Ziden's vision to share the gospel in Africa and to teach the Africans to share with others in their country and around the world. The tap root at GNPI is deep. Young people are so good with technology. Now we need to let them take the gospel to the next generation to grow and expand the ministry.

Thank you, Everett. He’s had a remarkable influence on this ministry, his community, and each member of his family, including me. Thanks to all of you who, like Everett and Ruby, invest in the kingdom of God and multiply disciples.

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