Who We Are

Who We Are

Good News Productions, International (GNPI) is a team of global innovators who work together for strategic evangelism. We connect the dots between Christians who understand the cultures where they live and people who can put effective tools for spreading the Gospel into their hands. Through a worldwide network of partners, we develop media and strategies to creatively contextualize the good news of Jesus Christ for specific people groups.


Our Foundation

In the 1960s, Ziden and Helen Nutt moved to Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe) to serve as missionaries. They showed films that depicted the Gospel message, and while large crowds gathered to watch, they seemed to respond to the entertainment more than the message.

Ziden decided to stop showing the films, but one day while they were working on a building project together, a local believer gave him a challenge. He suggested that Ziden produce his own series of films that shared the Gospel, but with one major change: these films should feature Africans and reflect local language and customs. The seed for Good News Productions was planted, and Ziden produced his first film strip within the next three years.

The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of people gathering under the African night skies to watch Ziden’s filmstrips and thousands making decisions for Christ each year. Before long, missionaries in other countries were asking Ziden to produce similar media that would present the Gospel in meaningful and relevant ways in their cultures. Good News Productions became Good News Productions, International, and in the decades that followed, our reach grew to span across the globe.

Technology has advanced rapidly over the past 40 years, and we’ve adapted our methods to fit the cultures and worldviews of many different people groups. But our message and mission have remained the same: we want people from every tribe and tongue to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in the medium that is most relevant and meaningful to them. You can read more about our history here and learn more about how you can support our mission here.


Our Values

As GNPI carries out our mission, we demonstrate the following values in all we do:

Biblical faithfulness: our projects are founded on the Word of God and reflect our dedication to biblical faithfulness

Cultural relevance: we are committed to developing resources for specific cultures and worldviews in order to share the Gospel in the way that’s most meaningful to them

Global partnerships: we work with a network of trusted missionaries and church workers stationed all over the world

Creativity: we value creativity and innovation in our media production, aiming to capture the imaginations of those we’re trying to reach

Excellence: we reflect God’s glory by pursuing excellence in all we do

Integrity: we obey God and honor each other in all our relationships


Our Mission

Whether we’re breaking ground in unreached people groups or helping established churches impact their neighborhoods, we’re committed to discovering the most effective media for making disciples in every tribe and tongue. Through strategic evangelism, we’re presenting the Gospel message in the medium that’s most relevant and meaningful to the people groups we’re trying to reach.

In some regions, we’re creating music videos that are breaking into the mainstream arts and culture scene. In other places, we’re using solar-powered projectors to bring a visual presentation of the Gospel to non-literate people groups who don’t have access to electricity. Wherever we’re working, we’re asking, what’s the best strategy for helping people in this culture understand and respond to the love of Christ?

GNPI is on a mission to share the good news through strategic evangelism and to provide resources that increase discipleship. And wherever you live, you can join us. Read more about how you can support GNPI and our global partners here and find more information about our current projects here.