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“Would you come to my village?”

Jul 15, 2020

Nitt Ounon from GNPI-Thailand

Our team found it difficult to say goodbye to Rh-Nong. She spent several months as our intern, and we loved working with her. After graduating from college, she knew it was time for her to return to her village to live with her mom.

When Rh-Nong arrived at home, she learned that no one was leading the church. There were still some older believers living in the village from the Lahu tribe, but they weren’t gathering for worship on Sundays or taking care of their meeting place. Rh-Nong wanted to pay it forward and show appreciation for the people of this village who introduced her to Jesus and helped her go to college, but she wasn’t sure what to do.

During her internship, Rh-Nong had traveled to other villages with our GNPI-team. She saw how much we loved sharing our resources and helping people of all ages, so she asked if we would come to visit. She wanted us to encourage Christian believers and teach the children. We were glad to support Rh-Nong in reaching out to her village.

We traveled about 2 hours from Chiang Mai to the destination of Mae Jong Village in June. On the first day, we visited the children at their homes and invited them to join us in the afternoon activities. We didn't think anyone would come because we were strangers and it was during the COVID-19 situation. But thank God, about 15 children came. We played games, sang songs, gave them some snacks, food, and clothes. All the children were joyful. After that, we went to visit the believers' families and gave them some things they could use.

The next day we made an appointment with the children to watch The Global Gospel and movies our team has produced. We shared the story of Jesus Christ and prayed together. Not as many children came that day because it was a rainy day.

On the last day, the team worshipped at Thung Hua Chang Church about 30 km away and provided a special song for them. We really enjoyed talking to the pastor and his wife. His wife has a powerful testimony and agreed to let us interview her for our Changed program next time we visit the area. 

Your partnership allows us to build relationships with new friends, which leads to new ministry opportunities. Thank you for helping us create media to make disciples in the smallest villages and largest cities of Thailand.

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