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Timothy baptizes 3 neighbors in SE Asia!

Oct 29, 2019

From our GNPI-SE Asia team, Timothy writes: 

Today is one of the best days of my life! Three young men have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and have now been baptized and added to our church. It’s always exciting to see God’s kingdom grow among us, but I’m especially excited about these three because they are our neighbors. 

My family has lived in the same community for five years. Other than church members who live nearby, we hardly know anyone. However, one day, a woman from church showed up on our doorstep with five boys in tow: her own two sons and three of their friends. Her sons’ three friends had grown up in Buddhist families and wanted to know more about the true God. Over the next three days, we met every morning and evening to discuss their questions using GNPI resources. 

By the end of the third day, they had put their faith in Jesus as the one true God and decided to accept him as their Savior. They told the woman from our church, “Auntie, we thank you very much for taking us to the teacher. We are free from worshipping the worldly gods now.”

Below, you’ll find testimonies from these three young men, who are now also our three brothers in Christ. 


Poe Thaa, 15 years old

I live with my father, and my mother left when I was very young. Since all Buddhists are required to serve as monks for a period of our lives, my father took me to a monastery when I was about nine years old. I lived there for 10 days as a Ko Yin (student monk). Afterward, from time to time, I visited the monastery and went to Buddhist festivals. My father also has a shrine in our living room, and I had to bow down to the images every morning. I worshipped the image of Gautama to pass my school examinations, but the truth is, he could not hear my prayer. 

Because I live near Christians, I had heard about Jesus, but I did not understand who he was. I have Christian friends, but we never happened to talk about Jesus. Recently, though, I had the chance to meet and chat with Timothy. He taught my friends and me about Jesus and the Bible. He taught us about the true God, how we find the true God, and what he has done for us. We discovered that the God we were waiting for has already come! 

I was thrilled to know that Jesus is God and that, because of his great love for us, he died on the cross for our sins. So, I made up my mind to worship him, and I decided to be baptized. Now, I am a child of God, and I am very happy! 


Byung Cho, 18  

I was a student monk for a short time, and I did everything a Buddhist boy should do. I recited prayers every day, and I obeyed my parents. 

The tenth standard examination is the most important one in a student’s life. My parents are not wealthy, but they paid a huge amount of money for me to be tutored outside of class. I studied hard and prayed to Buddha every day, reciting all the things I learned at the monastery. I believed all this would ensure that I passed the big exam. 

However, I failed the exam. When I called my father, he was furious. He said I would be killed. So, I went to the home of my Christian friend Brang Nan. He said, “Jesus is alive, and he can hear all our prayers. He sees us and watches over us.” I did not want to hear about Jesus before, but now, it seemed I had no one else to rely on. 

My parents spent a lot of money, so I could pass the big exam. I knew they had every right to be angry with me, but I was afraid. I went to the bathroom and prayed, “Jesus, please help me. Please make sure that nothing happens to me.” Then I heard a voice say, “Go home, nothing will happen to you.” After hearing this voice, I went home. And just like the voice said, everything was fine.  

I now believed Jesus was God, and I wanted to accept Jesus as my Savior. But again, I was afraid. I thought if my parents knew I was a Christian, there would be trouble. I prayed again, “Jesus, please do not let my parents be angry with me for accepting you.” I went home to discover my prayer was answered.

I went with my friends to visit Timothy, who lives in our neighborhood, so that I could learn more about Jesus. He is the God we have been waiting for. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and was baptized. He is the God who hears and answers my prayers. He gives assurance, and he is even preparing a place for me. He is the one true God, and there is no other God. I am so happy to be his child!


Tun Tun Lin, 16 years 

I am one of the three boys who were baptized recently. I was a very faithful Buddhist boy. When I was about 10 years old, my parents took me to the monastery to become a Ko Yin monk for nine days. I learned some Buddhist scriptures and recited them every day. Then, I later studied at Dhama School on the weekends. I visited several pagodas and bowed down to them. Because I was born on Saturday, I worshipped the Saturday beast, which is a dragon image. When I was in the tenth standard, I worshipped Gautama’s image to help me pass the examinations. I also bowed to many monks. I believed if I did good deeds, the good would return to me, and if I did bad things, bad karma would come after me. 

When I heard about Christianity, I thought it wasn’t for me. Then, I heard an evangelist say Gautama was not a true god, just a good man. That caught my attention. One Sunday, I visited a church service and the preacher taught about the Creator. Slowly, I became very interested in hearing more about God. 

At the same time, two of my other friends were also becoming serious about learning more about Christianity. We’re all friends with a Christian whose mother took us to meet Timothy. He taught us about Jesus, the true God and the greatest God. Only He can give us assurance for the next life. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  

Right then, I made up my mind. I didn’t want to worship a god who could not lead me to eternal life. My meditation cannot help me find God. No one but Jesus can do that. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and decided to be baptized in him.

We’re praising God with Timothy and the GNPI-SE Asia team for these young men and their stories! Please join us in praying that God strengthens and deepens their faith over the coming months. Let’s also pray for more Buddhists of all ages to worship and follow Jesus as the one true God and their Savior!   

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See This Project

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