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The Best Thing Cancer Did for Me

Aug 19, 2019

Say It Forward is a video series produced by GNPI’s team in the Philippines. It features the stories of men and women who’ve made mistakes, survived tragedies, and learned from their joys and pains. Presented in a “TED Talk” format, these short videos relate the experiences of ordinary people as they apply biblical principles to their everyday lives. Encouraging, inspiring, and relatable, Say It Forward is being viewed by hundreds of thousands of people across our social media platforms. 

Recently, we shared a series of videos from Cheri M. Torres about her cancer diagnosis. Cheri was devastated to learn she had Stage 3 nasopharyngeal cancer, and her family and friends rallied around her with prayer and encouragement. While she was grateful for their support, no one could fight this battle for her. As Cheri explains in the video, “When you experience pain, pain is your own. It’s not like food that you can share. It’s something that you experience by yourself, and that is what I felt.”

In her pain and loneliness, Cheri began experiencing deep, life-changing fellowship with Jesus. His love became real and personal for her in a way it hadn’t been before. Listen to Cheri tell the rest of her story in the video below.

Cheri stands on a stage talking

As she says in the video, Cheri dealt with feelings of guilt, pain, and abandonment during her battle with cancer, but God spoke tenderly to her about each of those feelings. As she read Scripture and meditated on his love, her perspective began to change. 

“I started personalizing God’s love for me. I stopped thinking of my pain and focused on the relief he provided. A soothing ointment for my blisters; canker sores getting better; sometimes, being able to taste sweet or salty. I saw all of these as small expressions of God’s love, as ways that he was telling me he loved me and was with me at all times. In all of these things, I saw God’s heart, God’s compassion, and all the ways he was caring for me.” 

When she received her diagnosis, Cheri wondered, how can one thank God for this? What is there in cancer to be grateful for? At the end of her talk, she makes a surprising declaration. Cheri says that if she could live her life over again, she would choose the same path. She wouldn't change anything about having cancer. She concludes, “Having experienced God in an intimate way, having experienced his love in an intimate way, and being able to share that with others—this is the best thing that cancer did for me.”

If you’d like to see more videos from the Say it Forward series, be sure to check them out on Facebook. Like our other regional centers, GNPI-Philippines receives support from the generous contributions of our financial partners. If you’d like to contribute to their work, click here, and if you’d like to stay up-to-date on this and other projects, be sure to subscribe to our email updates which go out twice-a-month. 


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