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Outreach in Uganda

May 10, 2021

Stephen Muturi, Operations Manager of GNPI-Uganda

Evangelists in Uganda look to GNPI for help in sharing the gospel in the villages, and we love to support them in every way we can. They come to our office regularly for training in how to use the Solar Kits and check them out for a month. The demand for the kits is always more than we can supply.

The pandemic slowed this area of our ministry greatly because groups could not gather, and we could not get supplies to assemble more kits. It's been a great joy to release these tools again as some restrictions have lifted. Evangelists took the kits to new areas of Uganda, where people have not heard about Jesus. In the past few months, local evangelists also used the Solar Kits to minister to 1,000 refugees. Thank you for making this outreach possible.


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