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“Nothing is lost in God’s economy.”

Jul 07, 2020

“I was so unhappy. The Nomad trainees were doing nothing but streaming church services.” Our regional director Sergei from GNPI-Eurasia admitted, “I thought it was a useless waste of their skills. Now I see that we need this army of trained people helping churches. Nothing is lost in God's economy.”

Even though these trainees in Eurasia have not formed official Nomad teams, their skills proved essential in setting up virtual services. Your prayers and support of GNPI are bearing fruit during this pandemic. GNPI teams around the world are using their production training to help churches during this unusual time. These teams are also equipping local churches in Chile, Kenya, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Uganda.

Manee from GNPI-India says that one congregation averaged 1,200 attendees. Now, the congregation has as many as 300,000 viewers, as well as significant engagement on Facebook. They plan to continue the online service even after restrictions are lifted.

The Nomad team in Johannesburg, South Africa, helped four different churches put their worship services online. Now the team is focusing on biblical children's content to help families at home.

GNPI-Kenya and GNPI-Uganda each have several groups taking turns in their studios to prepare messages to encourage people.

Timothy from GNPI-SE Asia says they are eager to resume Nomad training events as soon as people are allowed to travel within the country.

More news from the field:

Our Nomad team in South India is involved in virtual church, the development of COVID-era online content to reach seekers with a new project entitled How Different We Have Become, and with community outreach.

Our Nomad team in Santiago, Chile, is keeping their church service running and helping other local churches with service elements, such as worship music and communication meditations.

Our Nomad team in Northeast India is creating numerous videos every week to keep Christians engaged in worship and spiritual growth; this includes children’s content, dramatic skits with commentary, and mini-services with music and sermons.

From creating biblically sound daily programs to helping churches effectively grow their online presence, your generosity continues to allow our teams to work tirelessly in sharing the Good News. 

Thank you for moving the gospel forward with your giving!


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