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Huge Potential

Sep 01, 2020

Habacuc Diaz from Nomad-Chile

Life is rough in Chile, and we don't see an end to it anytime soon. The country was already unstable—with crowds rioting in the streets over whether we should throw out the constitution. Then the coronavirus outbreak caused more people to lose their jobs, plunging the economy and country deeper into a hole. With such difficult living conditions, people are experiencing suffering and despair.

Yet as believers, we have hope, and we see God working to grow his kingdom.

Many people want to hear the gospel and are looking for pastoral counseling. As the people of Chile face such difficult circumstances, they need someone to talk to. This didn't happen before the pandemic hit—some even say they are interested in church again because of this season.

A lot more people are engaging in our online services and prayer meetings. Newcomers consistently join us. We see a huge potential to use media to mobilize the church! We share prayer, sermons, and worship videos with churches and individuals. We send the video links directly to individuals who ask for them. Now everything we do as a church online replicates what we used to do in face-to-face ministry.

Because of your prayers and gifts, we're focusing on encouraging, evangelizing, and mobilizing the church to be active at this time to help others. It's proving to be a fantastic team effort and keeps us busy. It's our desire to serve and watch God work in our communities and throughout our troubled country.

Your partnership makes this possible. We couldn't do this without you.

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