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Faith, Hope, and Love

Jan 16, 2020

Nenette Pacoli, regional director of GNPI-Philippines

At GNPI-Philippines, our team has been producing two different series of 3-5 minute videos on the topics of faith and hope. These short, devotional segments are shared across our social media channels, where they’ve gained a huge following! 

The first series, Faith Matters, too!, includes daily devotional videos that offer encouragement to young professionals. It began in 2016, and since then, we’ve recorded nearly 800 episodes. The Faith Matters, too! Facebook page has 36,000 followers, and some videos have been viewed 100,000 times with over 1,000 shares on Facebook. 

The series approaches a variety of topics, demonstrating that faith impacts every area of life. From single parenting to conflict resolution to making career choices, Faith Matters, too! helps viewers examine their lives from a biblical perspective.

For example, a woman wrote to us recently with a question about identity. She wondered how to balance self-confidence with a healthy awareness of her flaws, and whether she could ever truly understand herself. The Bible has a lot to say about identity, so we discussed these questions and offered a biblical response to them. The episode aired last week, and the woman wrote back to say, "Truly amazing. I am in awe, and you made me cry a lot. Your voice, the manner of speaking, deepens my belief and faith in God. Thank you. Thank you."

Another prevalent topic is marriage and dating. In the Philippines, divorce is illegal, but that doesn’t mean couples always stay together. Often it means they struggle alone, without the resources to build healthy marriages, or that one spouse simply leaves the other. 

Women are especially vulnerable when marriages are in crisis. Usually, the women we hear from want to keep their marriages whole, but have no idea what to do if their husband doesn’t share that desire. Or, if they want to leave, they don't know where to go or what to do, especially if they’ve been financially dependent on their husbands. Many women have chosen to be full-time moms, and if their marriages fall apart, they are at a loss as to how they will feed the children when the husband leaves. 

When people don’t know how to handle their problems, they’re easily discouraged. We try to provide short videos where people can pick up important lessons and good values, especially for marriage. We’re getting a lot of letters from wives and husbands who are having problems with their marriages, so we try to address those issues often. 

In the episodes we’ve produced, 95 have been on marriage and 37 on dating relationships. By addressing these relevant topics, along with many others, our team is applying biblical wisdom to common problems Filipinos are wrestling with today. Through each video, Faith Matters, too! links the gospel with the experiences and dilemmas that everyday people face in a way that is Christ-centered and relatable. We’re excited to see how this strategic evangelism impacts Filipino culture for the kingdom!

Watch for future updates about the impact of our second devotional series, Asa Ka Pa (Hope Matters, too!). You can also sign up for our short email updates and prayer updates to learn about plans for the new series we are launching this year about love.


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