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COVID-19: An Obstacle or Opportunity for the Church

Mar 19, 2020

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen in every corner of our lives. The present seems unrecognizable, and the future is uncertain. Our hearts and prayers are with everyone who is dealing with illness and death as a result of the virus.

Churches in the United States have been scrambling to meet the needs of their congregations while following governing authorities’ restrictions on public gatherings. While this disruption is uncomfortable, as Christians, we must step away from the negativity surrounding this and remain hopeful and positive. We can choose to see this moment in history as an opportunity, not an obstacle.

We can lean into the digital age to take church online. Many (especially larger) churches have already incorporated an online streaming ministry, so this is an established solution for them to meet our current challenges. Many smaller churches are not as equipped with the gear or the technical know-how to begin a streaming ministry. However, churches must face the challenge of getting creative, and that may be a blessing in disguise.

Our friends at Stadia are offering their knowledge and expertise by providing helpful resources to address this need. They’ve created a website here with a lot of helpful information and links. You can also join their Facebook group and ask all of your questions related to facing this challenge. Please share these resources with those who might be able to use them at this time.

If streaming online is the solution for your church, there are different levels of how to accomplish that broadcast, ranging from free options to a more significant investment. There is also the option of pre-recording and posting a video “premiere” on Facebook at the time of your service, which has a live feel to it as people can engage and chat in real-time. The question is whether you want to solve a temporary problem or if you’re ready to build and invest for future ministry.

If you’re looking for something you can do this Sunday or need more of a beginner’s guide, please refer to these two videos: and

Coronavirus aside, people are online and searching for answers, right now more than ever! Church leaders can seize this opportunity to provide godly advice in these trying times with just a little creativity. We are praying for you, and we are certain that God will continue to use all of us for his glory.


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