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A World-Class Museum

Oct 03, 2019

Introducing Children to the God of Creation

Our team at GNPI-Eurasia wants to find, train, and equip those who work for God’s kingdom in their region. One recent example is Pavlo and Zoia Voytko, a married couple living in the small town of Turiysk, Ukraine. They founded a world-class museum of creation from their own home.   

Pavlo began collecting fossils and other specimens at age five and built a massive collection of high-quality natural history exhibits. As a child, his heart was captivated by the creativity and excellence of God’s design on display in the natural world. He wanted other children in his hometown and the surrounding region to have the same experience. They crafted the Museum of Creation with this goal in mind. 

Since there are no other natural history museums in the area, the Museum of Creation has become a must-see attraction for public schools. Teachers and children stream to see their insects, fossils, and artifacts. Pavlo’s extensive knowledge and collection make it a valuable learning experience for students. He also takes the opportunity to introduce children to the God who created all these creatures. 

One of GNPI’s volunteers heard about Pavlo and Zoia and told us about their mission. We arranged for one of our team members, Andrey, to meet them and learn more about the work they’re doing. Andrey connected quickly with Pavlo and Zoia. As their friendship grew, it became clear that we share many common goals and that GNPI could help support their work. 

In the short-term, GNPI-Eurasia was able to supply the museum with books and media resources for their library and presentations. These included resources on apologetics, creation science, and strategies for creation evangelism.

We also learned about some long-term needs we could help meet. The museum’s capacity was limited to one room at Pavlo and Zoia’s home. With the help of local churches, Pavlo purchased a former carpentry shop that has much more room for his displays. However, the space needed lots of repairs and renovations. While local volunteers could gradually do the labor, funds were required to purchase supplies. 

In June, we presented this opportunity to Christian partners, and we were overwhelmed by the generous response! The funds were used to complete concrete work as a necessary first step before any other renovations could begin.

Another practical need we’ve met involved developing media support for the museum. We created a promotional video to share information about what they’re doing and their long-term goals through all of GNPI’s networks. (Watch a version with English subtitles here.) Since the couple speaks Ukrainian, we also translated the video into Russian. As a result, they’ve raised additional funds to pay for renovations to the new facility. 

The Museum of Creation has moved into the next phase of growth, thanks to its partnership with GNPI. We believe there is even more work we can do together. Going forward, we want to continue helping Pavlo and Zoia build a network of contacts so that more people hear about this remarkable ministry! We’re also helping them develop good financial accounting practices and a solid theological framework for their ministry and future projects. Most importantly, we’re encouraging them in the vital work God has called them to do: shaping the worldview of future generations by sharing the gospel.  



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