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A Big Thank You

Jul 10, 2019

You can help introduce others to Jesus no matter what your age! This summer has reminded our team at GNPI of this truth.

Last year, our coworker Alan spoke at church camp and explained to the children how GNPI provides local people with customized resources to make disciples in their own communities. The kids from Los Alamos Christian Church in New Mexico went home and raised money for two Solar Kits by organizing a couple of dessert auctions at their church. Those Solar Kits are now helping people in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines learn about Jesus!

A small group from the Los Alamos congregation visited our team in Missouri this summer! They saw where the Solar Kits are assembled and added notes of encouragement to those who will receive the next Solar Kits.

They are not the only youth making a difference! The young people at Ten Mile Christian Church in Meridian, Idaho, raised $4,000 for three episodes of Jesus Story in Arabic. People of all ages at Hebron Christian Church in Hebron, Indiana, are raising funds to offer hope to people in India with the completion of The Global Gospel in the Oriya language (over 40 million speakers) and the Bhojpuri language (nearly 54 million speakers).

We’re sending a big thank you to all the little ones (and their families) who are multiplying disciples around the world! 

If you would like to help GNPI, consider including GNPI at your Vacation Bible School or any time of the year. We have a fun set of short videos to share with you. 


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