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Plans for the Future

Timothy prays big prayers and sets big goals, so our plans for the future are ambitious. Currently, we’re working to equip key leaders in each of the seven regions and seven states where Timothy lives to be effective evangelists. In November 2017, Timothy and his team began hosting rigorous, month-long training programs. Over 30 days, students learn together from 7 AM - 8:30 PM daily. They spend time praying for the Gospel to bear fruit in their nation, memorizing Scripture, and receiving practical training. Topics include personal evangelism, discipleship, and sharing the Gospel through social media.

So far, they’ve held 12 training sessions for a total of 152 leaders, with another phase of training scheduled in the near future. Timothy believes that if Buddhists in the nation where he lives recognized Jesus as the one true God, then Buddhists all over southeast Asia would follow their lead. Training more Christian leaders and equipping them with relevant, effective media is key, and the Timothy Project is committed to making that happen.

Timothy is praying for more evangelists, more resources, and more partners in his work.  "God listened to my prayers, and God fulfilled my prayers," he says. “And the Great God we serve together as laborers in the harvest will surely delight in harkening unto yours.”  

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The Timothy Project

Learn how Timothy is leading Buddhists to follow Christ in Southeast Asia