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Plans for the Future

Timothy prays big prayers and sets big goals, so our plans for the future are ambitious. Currently, we’re working on plans for a studio in the northern part of the country. It will equip our team in SE Asia to expand their ongoing discipleship and evangelism efforts throughout Myanmar. This region, which is home to the world's longest ongoing civil war as well as a 90% Buddhist population, is one of the most dangerous and difficult areas to make disciples.

Looking back over the past several years, God has worked through this team to build the church. In 2020, GNPI-SE Asia held 131 training events, baptized 188 people, and planted multiple small churches throughout their nation. Enhanced studio equipment and a new meeting hall will allow the GNPI-SE Asia team to reach even more people in their own state and neighboring states.

In 2018-19, GNPI-SE Asia completed their final month-long discipleship training events. Those who were trained shared what they learned at 184 training events in other parts of the region. Those involved in Timothy's training have shared the gospel with a total of 5,703 people and baptized 269 since the training events started in November of 2017.

The mission of our SE-Asia team in the northern part of the country is to create Burmese tribal productions to share the gospel in the villages, bolster the church in this area as they resist clashes with influential Buddhist authorities, and foster a new generation of Christians as the local youth are often vulnerable to dropping out of educational structures and to prevalent drug use.

Once completed, this space will empower GNPI-SE Asia to introduce people to Jesus and be his hands and feet. This will be a place where the gospel is proclaimed, families gather, village leaders meet, and meals are shared. It will also serve as a central training location for both gospel media production and evangelism using Timothy's method of sharing Jesus within the context of the faith of Theravada Buddhists. 

The SE Asia studio includes constructing a meeting hall and outfitting the studio in the northern part of the country with audio and video recording equipment. The completion of both facilities will allow the SE Asia team to accelerate their disciple-making efforts through additional media production and training in the studio and discipleship training events in the meeting hall. The need for Jesus in their country is great, and people are receptive. Christians in this area of SE Asia also experience great persecution from Buddhist officials and authorities who do not want the local youth to become invested in Christianity. This facility will also build up and encourage existing believers. Even during ongoing political turmoil in the country, we continue to receive reports about people accepting Jesus as the one true God.


Stage 1 - Building extension completion
Stage 2 - Outfitting the center with the needed equipment
Stage 3 - Scheduling seminars in the facility
Stage 4 - Following up with attendees who were mobilized to make more disciples and tabulating the number of congregations assisted, along with new congregations started.

This facility will be used to implement the greater strategy/vision of GNPI-SE Asia to have a center in each of the 14 regions and states of the country. While the existing facility already serves as one of the 14, it cannot reach its full potential as a media production studio and meeting place for the local church until the necessary improvements are made.

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