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Connecting with GNPI

Several years later, in the late 90s, Timothy immigrated to the US to further his theological training at Cincinnati Christian University. While there, he met Ziden Nutt, the founder of GNPI, and heard about how we were using media to accelerate evangelism and discipleship. Timothy realized God was answering his prayer through this connection, and he became the director of our Southeast Asia regional center.

Timothy and his team began producing a variety of media aimed at communicating the Gospel to Buddhists. They began with printed books, tracts, and charts in local languages that evangelists could use to explain who Jesus is. The content addressed specific questions Buddhists have and values they hold, helping them realize that it was Jesus they’d been seeking all along.

"Every Buddhist wants to worship the true god, but they don't know how," Timothy explains. He believes that the key to Buddhist evangelism is leading people to question who the "true Buddha"- the true God - really is and pointing them to Jesus instead.

Timothy and our team in southeast Asia also produce audio and video recordings of Bible teaching, testimonies, hymns, music videos, and children’s programs for churches, along with engaging in evangelism through social media. Worldwide, GNPI teams are producing culturally relevant media and using social media distribution strategies to identify and reach people who are open to the hope and truth of Jesus. Specifically, for our team in SE Asia, their target audience is Theravada Buddhists. To date, they’ve completed over 100 projects in 29 different tribal languages. Timothy and his team are on a mission to allow every Theravada Buddhist the opportunity to know the one true God.

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